We have access to the latest deals and can put together just the right DIRECTV package to suit the needs of your household. With over 310 of your favorite channels – and more than 200 in full-time HD with programming ranging from movies and sports to family programming, shopping, religious, classics and on demand programming DIRECTV has something for everyone.

Bundling is Better

By bundling service with AT&T U-verse Internet and home phone service you’ll have dependable Internet access and unlimited nationwide calling 24/7.

Two year price guarantee on your DIRECTV when you bundle with any other AT&T services.
Two year price guarantee on your DIRECTV when you bundle with any other AT&T services.

Free Genie HD DVR Upgrade!

Order now and get the Genie HD DVR receiver capable of recording up to five different programs at the same time. The Genie can hook up to additional TVs through either a wired system to up to three other minis or a wireless set up with wireless minis to your additional Television sets.

The Genie also turns all of your TVs into smart TVs when used with your Internet service. This means you do watch additional programming, visit social media sites, play games, play music, or watch movies online in addition to the excellent programming already offered in your Direct Tv package.

AT&T now offers Unlimited Nationwide Calling with your IP Phone service. Enjoy crystal clear calling and dependable phone service to stay in contact with your world.

AT&T U verse Internet offers speeds varying by location up to 100 MBS with 99.9% up-time reliability.

And if all of that weren’t already enough AT&T has recently announced that all Direct TV bundles now qualify you to receive unlimited Wireless Data with your Wireless / Cellular Phone Service.

You Deserve the Best!

For the 16th year in a row, DIRECTV rated higher in customer satisfaction than cable. As compared to the largest national subscription TV cable providers: 2001 – 2016. 2016 American Customer Satisfaction Index.

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